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How to Live More Sustainably

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How To Live More Sustainably

Written by Frankie Crognale for Unleashed

From the day we were born, we’ve all had something in common: the planet we live on.  Mother Earth has given us more than we could ever thank her for, but we begun to have take advantage of her. Climate change is escalading rapidly, and while we can’t completely reverse everything we have done, we can prevent new problems from arising.  These changes are a lot simpler than you might think, won’t cost you any extra money, and will monumentally change the rate at which climate change occurs.  

  1. Get educated!

    • Watch documentaries, read books, and do your own research on all of the things we don’t think twice about. This includes eating animal products, buying fast fashion, and taking long/extra hot showers.

  2. Stop shopping fast fashion

    • While shopping at Zara or H & M is probably a lot more inexpensive than shopping at a reputable sustainably company, these fast fashion retailers are absolutely terrible for the planet. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet, and it won’t change unless we do.  A great alternative is shopping at vintage/thrift stores, or upcycling old clothes into new ones. 

  3. Follow sustainable bloggers

    • If you’re lost on where to shop in the world of sustainability, following sustainable bloggers is a great way to open your mind. A few of my favorites are SustainablyChic, and Trash is for Tossers.

  4. Preserving water

    • Saving water can be as simple as taking shorter showers and turning off the water while you wash your dishes.

  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle

    • The saying your elementary school teachers taught you on Earth Day still holds true. Take water bottles for example.  The greenest option is to invest in a reusable water bottle.  Not only will it reduce the amount of plastic we use, but it will also make drinking lots of water throughout the day easier.  This is good for you and for the planet!  If you have to use a plastic water bottle, refill it, and after you’ve used it for a while, recycle it!

  6. Use reusable shopping bags

    • The plastic bags you get at the grocery store are the worst things you can possibly use. They’re not very durable, and they never completely decompose.  To avoid contributing to this, use tote bags! Tote bags are great for groceries and for produce at the farmer’s market.  Some grocery stores, like Whole Foods, even give a discount if you bring your own bags!

  7. Shop locally for your food

    • Take-out is the easiest way to make dinner, but it always comes in a plastic container, and it will add up on your credit card bill. Shopping locally at the farmer’s market will help your city/town thrive, and will benefit your body with wonderful organic goodness.  If you have leftovers, store them in glass containers or mason jars. 

  8. Make your all-purpose cleaner

    • Making your own all-purpose cleaner will help cut back on the harsh chemicals that are released into the air, and you can use it anywhere, so you will save money on cleaning supplies. The recipe I use to clean my home is extremely easy, and you probably already have all the ingredients to make it! The recipe is:
      • 1 part water
      • 1 part vinegar
      • 10 drops of essential oil (I use citrus or tea tree because of the disinfecting properties)
  1. Reduce energy usage

    • Even though we might not realize it, the level of energy we use in our homes has a direct impact on the environment. When you use less electricity, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released into the air, and you’ll cut down on your bills, too!

  2. Find a support system

    • Being a vegan or not shopping fast fashion isn’t necessarily the “norm”, it’s important to surround yourself with other forward thinkers that will help you in your sustainable journey.



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