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The Promise of New York: Success for Progress

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From bustling taxis to skyscrapers filled with dreamers of all forms, native New Yorkers, international pioneers, and transplants from across the country fuel the metropolitan capital with plans and agendas, big and small. New York City is known as much for its promise as it is its skyline. The promise of New York is one of a certain success and a specific time. Success defined by late nights and large returns, grandiose emotions and intimate settings. Time unmatched in ephemerality and future fondness, a time in which you exist as a part of the city and the city exists because of you.

New York is an icon represented in all aspects of entertainment media, in which thundering footsteps and impressive lights signal an offering of a bigger life. People from around the globe come to discover their success and establish their lives as large as the buildings that frame the sky. You can hear it in the streets. The heightened pace of steps, phone calls being made to close the deal, a flurry of individuals striving to meet and surpass their goals.

But in a large room laced with bright windows and cream furniture a different story of New York is being written, and a new promise formed. This promise still derives from the main ingredient of success - ambition - and is still carried by individuals from all walks of life. But the focus of this promise is less about personal reward, income, or achievement. It is about transforming individual success into collective impact.

Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and industry leaders gathered together for Ohana & Co’s 8th Success for Progress luncheon, hosted by UNLEASHED’s very own Kara Ross and Susan Rockefeller. The event brings together distinguished leaders to share ideas on how success can be utilized to create new opportunities for all communities and propel others forward. Below we share the profiles of honoree Sheila Marcelo (founder of Care.com), host Kara Ross, host Susan Rockeffeller, and Ohana & Co founder Karine Ohana.

Sheila Marcelo founded Care.com, a company devoted to the care of elderly people, children, and pets, after moving to the states from the Philippines and attending university at Harvard. While pursuing her education as a young mother Marcelo also cared or her parents, bringing her to the realization that there was an urgent need for personal care services beyond Yellowpages. Reminiscing on her childhood heroes “Wonder Woman” and “Charlie’s Angels”, she resounded at the fact that she now sees her heroes all around her.

Susan Rockefeller, a long time host of the Success for Progress luncheons, is largely involved in philanthropic film production, having produced works that address topics such as ocean conservation, food sustainability, and therapeutic music. Rockefeller shared her venture Musings Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine created to coach entrepreneurs seeking guidance and inspiration on sustainable business, lifestyle, media.

“We need to reimagine a world where business and environmental needs can coexist, and that is what I strive to do through Musings, through highlighting the businesses and their leaders that are setting a standard for the future we imagine”. - Rockefeller

Kara Ross, co-host of the luncheon, shared our holistic mission at UNLEASHED: UNLEASHED supports female artisans and entrepreneurs around the world by providing access to capital and market. Ross shared further details on our CONNECTING THREAD film series, plans of our next episodes that will be shot in Detroit and Jordan, and the larger picture for a multimedia platform THROUGH HER EYES.

“I Support the Success for Progress Luncheon because it creates community and celebrates our passions. This is my second year co-hosting the luncheon alongside Karine & Susan, with many more years to come. UNLEASHED will be launching the Connecting Thread documentary film series this fall of 2018, and we are working on the bigger picture of a female-focused multimedia platform THROUGH HER EYES.” - Ross

Karine Ohana ended the luncheon with a moment of reflection and positivity, bringing to attention the need to highlight the several good signs of brotherhood and humanity amidst our current, chaotic world.

“Giving back and caring is the only answer.” - Ohana

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