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Top 5 Best TED Talks Given By Women

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5 Best TED Talks Given By Women

By Nora Krantz

TED, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas, facilitates short talks given around the world by people from all disciplines revolving around Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  There are over 2,400 talks to date, but we have gone through and sorted some of the most inspirational, empowering, fascinating talks given by women.  Oh, and they’re all under six minutes!

These talks are so short that you can watch them on the subway on your way to work, over your lunch break, while you’re walking the dog, or pretty much anywhere else! 

1. Three Ways to Speak English, Jamila Lyiscott

 In this four and a half minute video, Jamila Lyiscott performs her powerful spoken word essay, “Broken English.”  She addresses the so-called “compliment” she has received in the past: “you’re articulate.”  Lyiscott considers what it means to be articulate, and explains that being articulate can mean many things.  What even is “proper english,” anyway?



2. Let’s Try Emotional Correctness, Sally Kohn 

Sally Kohn’s profession may surprise you: she is a progressive, lesbian talking head on Fox News.  One of a kind, right?  Kohn’s goal is to find peace between opposite sides of the political spectrum.  In order to complete this seemingly impossible task, she has discovered “emotional correctness.”  Different from political correctness, where the words you use make you ‘wrong’ or ‘right,’ emotional correctness is all about your intentions, and finding compassion.  If we all start to speak with emotional correctness, finding common ground might not be so hard after all.







3. Remember to Say Thank You, Laura Trice 

Feeling gratitude for something we did for someone is such an amazing feeling, so why do we never ask to be thanked?  Sometimes we feel too embarrassed or bashful, but being thanked can be more important than anything else.  Laura Trice dives into the importance of asking for thanks.



4. How a Penny Made Me Feel Like a Millionaire, Tania Luna

Tania Luna tells her story of growing up in a homeless immigrant family, always being grateful for the little things.  This short video will inspire you to take a step back from your busy life and forget about the ‘first-world problems,’ and really appreciate what matters in life.



5. How Can Technology Transform the Body? Lucy McRae


Have you ever wondered what role technology will play in the future?  With apple watches and 3D printed clothing, wearable technology is becoming more and more popular, so where does it end? Where is the line between wearing technology and being technology?  Lucy McRae explores this question with a fascinating four minute TED talk.




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